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Site Instructions...

What follows is a brief overview of this site and how to use it efficiently.

This site is a web-application developed in ColdFusion. It makes extensive use of HTML 3.0 extensions and requires Netscape 4.73, Internet Explorer 5 or better to operate properly. JavaScript may be used by some third-parties but is not integral to the operation of this site.

Mobile devices should automatically adjust to fit the screen.

Optimum desktop display requires 1024 x 768 and higher screen resolutions. While it may be viewed at 640 x 480, it is best viewed at least at 800 x 600 or higher.

Cookies - ColdFusion automatically sets session cookies to keep track of what it needs to do next. The only information stored in these cookies is related to operation of the site during your visit. If your browser is set to reject cookies, this site will not operate properly. No user information stored in the cookies.

Your privacy and viewing enjoyment is our primary concern.

Site Navigation - Think of this website in the same way you regard a DVD player. The Window you're reading this text in is called the Main Window and is analogous to a TV screen. This area display's the pages available on the site, including webisodes.

At the bottom of some pages, you'll find navigation buttons. These allow you to easily move forward and backward through pages and webisode scenes in the same way you move through a slide show. The display is context sensitive - which means only buttons relevant to available selections are available. Buttons include:

    - - Previous Chapter - Display Previous Sequence/Chapter
    - Previous Page - Display Previous Scene/Page
    Next Page - - Display Next Scene/Page
    Next Chapter - - - Display Next Sequence/Chapter
Note - Avoid using your browsers forward and back buttons if possible. When you select a page, variables are set according to the parameters of that page. When you change pages using your browser these variables are not reset and the operation of the site can become erratic. If this happens, reloading the site will reset the variables.

Thank you - We hope you enjoy your visit and return often. Kindly direct comments and enquiries to:

    Email Us contact at okee dot com