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This section features links to sites we hope you will find interesting or useful. Reciprocol links always considered.

  • Captain Cannabis Movie on IMDb - Internet Movie Data Base listing for upcoming Captain Cannabis feature film.
  • Captain Cannabis on Facebook - Facebook page devoted to Captain Cannabis. Let's be friends.
  • oKee comX - Companion site to - comic book publisher and movie production company.
  • Captain Cannabis - Companion site to - focuses on the story of one Halburt Lighter [earthling] - a.k.a. Captain Cannabis. [P.S. - where the heck did you think the really good stuff comes from anyway?]
  • - Main site for artist Verne Andru - creator of oKee the Alien and webmaster for
  • Verne Andru on IMDb - Internet Movie Data Base listing for Captain Cannabis creator Verne Andru.